More haste.
Less waste.
PrintFactory is the most complete production suite for banner, sign and super wide format printing that is set to revolutionize the way you run your print shop.

Automatic ink saving.
Built-in to PrintFactory is the latest ink optimization technology that can reduce ink usage by up to 20%. By reducing CMY levels and increasing the black, print quality is stabilised and improved without any change to image quality.

What’s 20% of your ink bill worth?

One RIP speaking to multiple devices.Your steady growth has seen you acquire many new presses over the years: each with its own RIP.
PrintFactory simplifies your press room workflow by contolling ALL your printers – no matter the brand, size or age – through one central RIP. 

In fact, PrintFactory can drive over 1000 printers. Imagine the savings in man hours you’d achieve through this one feature of PrintFactory alone?

What size is your business?

Are you a smaller sign shop, focusing on vinyl cutting and vehicle wrapping?
PrintFactory provides an easy-to-use solution that runs on Mac and PC. It drives the printers and cutters you use, allows you to check and prepare all files and provides full job scheduling and follow-up.

Are you a print shop producing point-of-sale materials and posters?The PDF editor within PrintFactory will slash your preparation time, with 
tools for tiling, eyeletting, folds and tunnels, contour cutting, white ink support and full support for color management and spot colors. 

Are you an industrial printer working with super-wide format devices?PrintFactory easily scales with you; providing automatic load-balancing 
for the ripping process, full PDF/X support and JDF compatibility to accomplish unheard-of automation throughout your plant.

The same accurate color on different machines, at different times.

With PrintFactory’s advanced color engine you can easily introduce proofing in your workflow, increasing machine up-time and reducing waste of expensive production media and ink. The PrintFactory Calibrator makes profile creation a breeze. A simple wizard-based interface will guide you through the process of aligning different printers or different media. With PrintFactory you can be sure you’ll provide your customers with color consistency throughout their entire campaign.